Our sustainable development approach at Camp du Soleil campsite in Ars en Ré.

Water management

  • Watering of the vegetation type drip-fed with water from 3 wells and rainwater harvesting with buckets in the rental area for watering the plants in the evening or early morning.
  • Monthly water consumption statements.
  • Installation of divisional sub-meter on sanitary facilities
  • Daily water leakage check at 10pm
  • The renovated toilets are equipped with water saving devices such as PRESTO

Waste management

  • Implementation of selective sorting (recyclable waste in yellow containers), incentive to bring your personal shopping bags
  • Recycling of used sponges from mobile homes for cleaning the pool water line
  • Hazardous waste such as brine from dehumidifiers, batteries, light bulbs, toner cartridges and used edible oils are stored separately and collected by specialised recycling companies
  • Printing e-mails if necessary and reusing drafts

Maintaining and preserving biodiversity

  • Less frequent mowing to allow biodiversity to develop
  • Mulching along the edge of hedges with mowed waste to limit the consumption of drip
  • Use of phytosanitary products reduced to a minimum
  • Our secondary driveways are grassed for better water drainage.
  • Integration of equipment into the landscape
  • We have planted more than 800 trees.
  • Exterior wooden cladding of the chalets, wooden fence of the swimming pool.
  • The façades of the buildings and the surrounding area of the campsite are decorated with vegetation for a better integration into the landscape.

Eco-responsible purchasing

  • Bulk purchase of products (reduction of packaging)
  • Setting up picnic tables from sustainably managed forests
  • Use of PEFC type envelopes and 2 eco-labelled cleaning products


  • Renovation of a heated sanitary block (60m2) accessible to the disabled (shower, sink, toilet, laundry bin, dishwasher and baby area) with floor markings (black tile strip) and wall markings (yellow earthenware strip), All our camping sites or mobile homes are flat and accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Provision of permanent accommodation for staff.
  • Training for staff (fire, first aid safety at work, electrical clearance, reception)
  • Display of anti-tobacco law for rentals and common areas


  • Choice of local craftsmen as a priority
  • We have reduced to a minimum the distribution of paper documents and we distribute information (brochures, contracts, booking confirmation) via the Internet. Our prints are made as often as possible on used paper.
  • At the restaurant: Seasonal local products

Energy management

  • Daily check of all unnecessary lighting at 10pm
  • Incentive to turn off the heating and lights in the mobile home when it is unoccupied or the window is open
  • Installation of divisional sub-meter in the restaurant
  • New refrigerators for rental use are classified in economic category A or A+.
  • The renovated sanitary blocks are equipped with velux windows for natural light recovery as well as LED lighting and presence detection.
  • The tops of the walls and ceilings are painted white for maximum light reflection
  • Changing incandescent bulbs to low-energy bulbs
  • Installation of a timer for lighting the outbuildings
  • Monthly statements electricity consumption
  • Daily check of all lighting at 10pm
  • For sunny days, recommend closing curtains in rental properties to maintain freshness.

Air quality

  • No air conditioning in mobile homes and common areas.
  • Opening of the Velux in the toilets for better ventilation

Noise reduction and protection

  • Use of thermal tools from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 18:30
  • The pitches are separated by hedges (visual and acoustic comfort) and the pitch is larger than the norm (120m2).


  • Provision of public transport schedules
  • Bicycle rental

Eco-communication, Education, Sensitization

  • A wide choice of nature tours is available (bird sanctuary, salt marshes).

Highlighting local heritage visit

  • Communication of the sustainable development approach through posters in the toilets and a booklet for mobile homes
  • Animation in partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds on the local environment
  • Eco-friendly display for water, energy and waste saving

Preventive measures

  • Fight against water leaks by preventing reception (taps, pipes)
  • Turn off the taps when washing dishes (use basins), while you soak yourself in the shower.
  • Fill the washing machines to the maximum.
  • In the toilet, press the STOP button on the toilet flush.
  • Recycle as much of your water as possible, the water from the salad for dishes or plants.
  • Fight against electricity waste by preventing reception
  • Do not leave the outside lights on in broad daylight or late at night
  • Do not leave the radiators on with the window open

For any suggestion to help us improve the management of the campsite in an environmentally friendly way, please contact us at the reception desk. THANK YOU

Selective sorting of waste

Selective sorting at Camp du Soleil is located on the site 130 side.

  • For the respect of the environment, after having put the recyclable waste in the yellow containers put your plastic bag in the green food containers.
  • In the yellow-lid bin, I throw away recyclable waste:
  • Plastic bottles and vials Food bricks
  • Metal cans, cans, aerosol cans and trays
  • Cardboard boxes
  • For the batteries a special bin is at your disposal in the relaxation room
  • In the green-lid bin, I throw away household waste.
  • In the glass container, I throw bottles, jars and glass jars.
  • In the paper container, I throw newspapers, advertisements and magazines
  • For bulky items: Ars waste dump in Ré towards St Clément des Baleines after the Camp des Dunes (opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am-12pm and 2.30pm-6.30pm).